How To

Tickalook is a fashion community for sharing everyday looks and unique fashion styles. Take a photo of your look, simply upload it and let everyone express their love for your style by "ticking" it. You can also "tick" the looks you like and get inspired by unique styles around the city!


  1. Create a Tickalook account .
  2. You will receive an activation link via email. Please activate your account by clicking the link and start to Tickalook!


  1. You can browse through the site freely to view the looks uploaded by Tickalook members.
  2. On the main page, you can sort and view the looks according to "Latest" uploads, "Guys", "Gals" looks or looks uploaded by members that you are "Following".
  3. Everytime you login to Tickalook, you will by default see the looks uploaded by members that you are following. If you have not followed anyone, we will show you popular looks which have received most "ticks". We recommend you to start following members whose style you appreciate.
  4. SEARCH: Type in a key word in the Search field to check out related looks. You can search for looks that contain a clothing item (e.g. "jeans", "shirt"), a Brand (e.g. "Prada", "Levis"), or you can also search for a specific member by keying his/her name.


  1. You can see a "TICK" button next to each look when you clicked into it. By "ticking" it, it means you like or appreciate the look. The looks that you have "ticked" will appear in your own member's profile for your future reference.
  2. Once you have "ticked" a look, you cannot undo it. As we would like to encourage positive feedbacks and appreciation for others' styles.
  3. By "ticking" a look, it helps to move up the look in our "Hottest" looks list. The more ticks a look receives, the hotter it is. Every week we will pin the Hottest look and most viewed look in our Weekly Feature section.


  1. To upload a new look, you can find the button "Load a Look" on the top navigation. Follow the instructions to upload your look of the day.
  2. New Looks are immediately shown on top in the main page of Tickalook if you sort the looks by "Latest" upload orders.
  3. To edit/delete a look, go to your look, you can find the edit button to edit your look.

Guidelines on Uploading your Look:

Tickalook encourages our members to share their styles freely, and to respect each others' freedom in doing so. We aim to build a platform where everyone can appreciate different fashion styles. Therefore, please follow the guidelines below when you upload your look:


  1. Post photos only of yourself. There should not be more than 1 person posing in the photo. (No group photos or photos with your girlfriend, boyfriend, family etc...)
  2. Post photos with at least one full body shot. Photo collages are accepted but maximum of 4 views in 1 entry are allowed.
  3. Post one look in each entry/ each photo, but not multiple looks.
  4. Looks and outfits must be clearly visible and not obstructed from view. Excessive photo editing or special effects are not allowed.


  1. Do not post the same look twice.
  2. Do not post photos that don't belong to you. Infringement of photo usage rights is strictly prohibited in Tickalook and the user will be banned from the community.
  3. Do not post any photos that contain nudity.
  4. Do not post any photos of children.
Tickalook reserves the right to ban any users or remove any entries who fail to observe the above guidelines without informing the member. talk to us: